EAA Chapter 1210 Hangar

Truss Erection during Hangar Construction

Construction action on the weekend that the Chapter Hangar trusses were erected.
Crews are hard at work to beat the clock and get all 40 something trusses up by the end of the day.

trusses07 trusses08 trusses09 trusses10
trusses11 trusses12 trusses13 trusses14
trusses15 trusses16 trusses17 trusses18
trusses19 trusses20 trusses21 trusses22
trusses23 trusses24 trusses25 trusses26
trusses27 trusses28 trusses29 trusses30
trusses31 trusses32 trusses33 trusses34
trusses35 trusses36 trusses37 trusses38

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